Adelos™ is an advanced research and development company, specializing in fiber optic sensor technology and intellectual property.

As the world-wide, exclusive licensee to the seminal US Navy “BLUE ROSE” fiber optic sensor patents developed at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) – Newport, Adelos extends this intellectual property core into a broad fiber optic technology and IP portfolio. Our fiber optic sensor technologies represent a unique set of capabilities and knowledge developed over the course of demanding US Government programs.

Available commercially through licensing agreements, technical engagements, and system sales, the Adelos fiber optic sensor technology and intellectual property portfolio represents best-of-class value across a range of markets. The Adelos portfolio provides the enabling toolkit to achieve strategic value and technical superiority for your organization.

In addition to common defense related applications, the Adelos portfolio delivers value in the energy, telecommunications, aerospace, and environmental markets. Adelos technology can be found in energy exploration services, telecommunication infrastructure security, environmental monitoring compliance, and aerospace command/control systems.

Adelos is not limited to these fiber optic sensor applications. The company constantly extends the value of the portfolio into a range of new applications and technical solutions. The technical solutions and related intellectual property represent a broad and deep value proposition.

A member of the S&K Technology family of businesses, Adelos is strategically positioned within a global consortium of information technology service providers.  What began as a high-tech start-up and commercialization business model has matured into a world-class technology and intellectual property company specializing in “systems of systems” fiber optic sensor engineering. 

Adelos systems produce high fidelity sensor signals, dynamic signal processing environments and a rich range of analytical (detection, classification, and fusion) approaches, extending the Adelos portfolio well beyond our competition. The Adelos portfolio represents a dynamic, world-class capability available for our customers, business partners, and industry leaders.

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The Adelos Portfolio has substantial value and direct applicability in four key strategic markets: energy, telecommunications, aerospace, and environmental monitoring.



Adelos has assembled a world-class engineering and management team. Drawing from our parent corporation, strategic partners, and technology providers, the Adelos executive team works closely with the US Navy, the Idaho National Laboratory, and other technology partners to deliver customer value, expand into new market opportunities, and leverage the Adelos Portfolio.


If your organization is interested in learning more about the Adelos Fiber Optic Sensor Portfolio, please contact our office to arrange a meeting and discuss the various ways Adelos can help you achieve your objectives. Our world-class team of intellectual property engineers, technical advisors, and senior scientists is available to answer your questions, drive new opportunities, and deliver significant value across your enterprise.

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